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School Information

History of the oldest school in DoDDS Pacific.

Students have attended six different Kubasaki campuses since 1946. “Okinawa University High School” was the first site which opened in early 1946. Classes were held in Okinawa University buildings and a large Quonset nearby. The school gained its own residence in 1947 when it was moved to a group of 15 prefabricated buildings in the Awase housing area. Typhoon Gloria destroyed the campus in July, 1949, delaying the opening of that school year. When school did begin, the campus had been moved to two temporary family residences in the Zukeran housing area. In 1950, the school name was changed to Okinawa American High School and was relocated to Quonsets in the Awase area. In 1952, rising enrollment forced a move to another set of Quonsets at the Army Training School located at Kubasaki – later referred to as the “Kubasaki Nine.” In 1958, the school was moved to partitioned barracks in the Wheel area of Naha. By the early 1960s, the school was hosting grades ten through twelve. Finally, in 1964, the school moved to its present location in Kishaba Terrace, overlooking Fort Buckner, and was renamed Kubasaki High School
Since 1948, Kubasaki has been a charter member of, and accredited by, the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCA). This is an accreditation program that provides an on-site team visitation every five years. Kubasaki was last visited during the spring of 2004, receiving accredited status as well as several commendations. DoDDS schools are also evaluated by using Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA) Standards Reviews, site visits by the Advisory Council on Dependent Education, and, internally, through the School Improvement Process (SIP).

Department of Defense Dependent Schools
The Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) part of DoDEA provides educational programs, kindergarten through grade 12, for children of American military personnel and Department of Defense civilian employees who are stationed overseas. Since it is classified as a service provided to military families, DoDDS is part of the Department of Defense and is headed by a director whose office is in Alexandria, Virginia. Serving directly under the director are Area Superintendents, each res ponsible for schools located within a specific geographic territory. The two DoDDS’ geographic regions are the Pacific and Europe. Principals of the schools within each area are directly responsible to a district superintendent.


Crede quod habes et habes

“Believe that you have and you have.”

Green and White

The Dragon

school crest  
The SUN at the top of the shield represents the enlightenment that comes from learning; the rays signify the main avenues of learning open to all.

The TORII in the upper left corner represents Japan, the location of our school.

The TORCH in the lower left corner represents the light of learning and understanding.

The ATOMIC SYMBOL in the upper right corner represents the sciences.

The WINGED FOOT in the lower right corner represents the field of physical development and sports.

The LAUREL BRANCHES extending on either side of the crest represent success and victory.

School Profile topp
Kubasaki High School serves approximately 700 students in grades 9-12 whose families represent all military branches, Department of Defense civilians, and private industry. The school, opened on September 15, 1946, is located on Marine Corps Camp S. D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan. The current open campus facility was completed in 1964.   Approximately 45,000 active duty and military dependents are stationed on Okinawa. In addition, there are about 2,000 civilians which support the military mission. Sponsor affiliation of our families is as follows: Marine Corp (61.3%), Navy (10.5%), Air Force (4.3%), and Army (3.5%), Other (20.3%).

Our student population is characterized by a rich ethnic diversity comprised of American Indian or Alaskan Native (1.9%), Asian (10.3%), Black/African American (20.5%), Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (1.7%), Multi-Race (22.5%), White (39.2%), and with 2.9% declining to state their ethnicity. 58% of our students last year entered a 4 year college, and 9% entered a 2 year college or technical school.

The faculty and staff of Kubasaki come from all corners of the United States and other countries as well. There are 61 classroom teachers, 2 administrators, a media specialist, 3.5 guidance counselors, a part-time school psychologist, and a nurse. Sixty percent of the faculty have a Master’s Degrees and beyond. 

Class rank  
Class rank, determined by the cumulative grade point average is based on weighted and unweighted GPA. Only AP class grades are weighted.  Class rank is not calculated until the end of the eighth semester.

Graduation Requirements
One-half of a Carnegie unit of credit is awarded per semester for successfully completed course work. Current Department of Defense Dependents’ Schools students must earn a minimum of 26 units of credit and have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to meet the graduation standard.   Advanced Placement classes currently offered are: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Calculus A/B & B/C, English Language, English Literature, US Government and Politics, Japanese Language, Statistics, and US History.  Honors Social Studies and Language Arts classes are offered at the ninth and tenth grade levels.

Language Arts: 4 credits                                                        
Social Studies: 3 credits   World Civilization 9 or World History10, US History and US Government(0.5) and an additional 0.5 social studies elective are required
Math:  3 credits - Must include Algebra and Geometry         
Science:   3 credits - Must include Biology Chemistry or Physics. Phys Apps may substitute for either Chemistry or Physics
Career Technical Education:      1.5 credits                             
Computers;      0.5 credits
Fine Arts: 1.0 credits                             
Foreign Language:   2.0 credits
PE:   1.5 credits                             
Health  0.5 credits
Electives:  6.0 credits             

Grading System
DoDDS schedules 190 instructional days within a thirty-six week school year. The year is divided into two semesters consisting of two nine week grading periods per semester. The school’s modified block schedule features a 4 periods “A” and 4 periods “B” Day classes.
A             Outstanding Achievement                       90-100                   P              Passing, credit granted
B             Above Average Achievement                 80-89                       E             Effort, credit granted
C             Average Achievement                             70-79                       WP          Withdraw Passing
D             Below Average Achievement                  60-69                     WF          Withdraw Failing
F              Failing Work                                           59 or below            

The standard grade point average is based on a 4-point scale. AP courses are weighted on a 5 point scale upon completion of the final AP exams. The courses are identified on the transcript with a plus (+) in the course title.

Criteria for Honors Diplomas
(1) completion of all graduation requirements; (2) earn a passing course grade and take the requisite examinations in a minimum of four Advanced Placement courses; and (3) earn a Grade Point Average of 3.8, or higher, based on grades received through the end of the second semester of the graduating year


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