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Student Information - Academic Policy (Computer Use)

Computer Use
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Computer Use

Students may use KBHS school computers for academic support. Unauthorized access to a computer or the Internet, unauthorized electronic copying to or from a computer, entry into non-authorized electronic storage areas are each serious offenses that may result in the loss of computer privileges.
Students may be authorized to access a “within-the-school-only” electronic mail system. This mail system is NOT private, and KBHS retains the right to review student electronic mail. Outside electronic mail services are not authorized at Kubasaki High School.

Students may be authorized to use KBHS school computers to access other resources that are outside KBHS. Prior to using KBHS computers, and as a condition for such access, all students will sign a consent form acknowledging that KBHS retains the right to monitor any student communications or information exchanges made with school computers to any other computer. Transmitting or receiving unauthorized or “illegal to possess” information will warrant disciplinary action.

Floppy disks are banned from Kubasaki High School. It has been shown that such items cause mechanical problems when the gates malfunction inside the drive.

Last Update 15-Apr-2014